We are all monks and we are all mavericks – that is the philosophy behind Monks & Mavericks apparel. At times, we are cool and calm monks that are content in the quiet monastery of our own making. At others, we are making our mark and taking on the world our own way. 

Ever since childhood founder and designer Chris Porter was both a monk and a maverick. He would often retreat to his room for hours on end inspired by his creative side, which prompted his friends to call him a monk. But when Chris emerged everyone took notice. Needless to say, Chris has always had trendsetting style that gets noticed.

Unfortunately, as a young man Chris let his maverick run rampant and create chaos in his life. He learned the hard way that life can be a series of extremes that we each have to balance. He found his balance in Monks & Mavericks.

Once Chris realized his addictions were blocking his full potential, he knew that he needed to tap his inner monk to bring calm to the chaos. Designing apparel became the creative outlet that brought Chris’s life into focus. The clothing he designed drew his monk and maverick together in harmony, bringing clarity to life while creating an amazing product. Today Chris is on a healthier path and excited to share his experience through Monks & Mavericks.

To be our best we have to balance our inner monk and maverick. There has to be a balance between inner reflection and action that stands out.

Denim is the perfect medium for Chris’s work because of its dual nature. Denim is rugged, durable and reliable. But it’s also undeniably stylish and versatile. Each pair of Monks & Mavericks jeans are cut for comfortable and style so you can feel confident no matter what mindset you’re in.

Master Your Calm, Embrace Your Confidence
Monks & Mavericks

Chris Porter
Owner | Founder | Creative Director