Monks & Mavericks

Philosophy: Monks & Mavericks the brand is not just about the quality and craftsmanship of our jeans, but more about providing a tool for our customers. A lifestyle and a philosophy which aids the balance between inner reflection and action that stands out!

The Story: I’ve always been creative coming up with the next new thing to showcase to my friends as a kid. Whether it was a hot pink new freestyle bike or being the only kid into skateboarding, surfing downhill on top of the frame. I was the kind of guy you’d look to for the answer.

Whether it was latest in designer denim, art, or just pop culture in general. A good friend of mine recognized me as a trendsetter, he mentioned to me “Hey your always in the house. You’re like a Monk, always in your room doing something; what are you going to shock us with next?" 

Well, that was about 20 years ago. Still remembering my friend’s words and observations. Fast forward to today, I still use that mentality to shock the world!

Who knew years later that experience would develop the hot new luxury denim brand: Monks & Mavericks.

Master your calm, Embrace your confidence.

Christopher Porter